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Lusitanos, ancient warhorses of the Iberian Peninsula, are renowned for their physical prowess, majestic presence, versatility, smooth and powerful gaits, agility, and wonderful temperaments. Granja Las Animas Lusitanos favor the Veiga line with our stallion, Imperador.  All of our Lusitanos are suitable for competition in the dressage ring, working equitation, and the simple pleasures of trail riding.

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Tess in training with Lucinda - 5 years old.

   Tess on a trail ride.


DOB 3/10/2000

Tesora is a 15 year old Lusitano mare who carries the Caliente brand. She is a 16 hand bay mare who I bought as a 2 year old. She has a wonderful temperament and very comfortable gaits. I use her as my primary school horse. Before having her two foals she was showing at first level and schooling second level movements. Her first foal was Otomi, a Luso/TB cross, and her latest filly is Hilaria by my Lusitano stallion, Imperador. Both foals have been very correct with excellent temperaments.

Tess is also a very good, calm, trail horse and has taken many of my clients on long rides through the countryside.

Reluctantly offered for sale, to a good home only.

$9,000 USD

$10,000 bred to Imperador

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Otomí   SOLD

  Tomi as a 3 year old ridden by a 13 year old. 

  Otomi's 1st dressage show. 1st level. 65.68%! And his birthday - turned 6. 


Otomi is a six year old black/bay Lusitano / Thoroughbred cross. He was born here at my ranch and is out of my wonderful Lusitano mare, Tesora who is now my school horse and by a black TB stallion, Palante,* owned by my vet and shown as a jumper. This cross is suitable for a variety of disciplines. They excell in eventing, jumping, and dressage. Otomi is showing talent as a dressage horse and also is a willing and calm jumper. He was started correctly - trail ridden his first year and has completed several day long "cabalgatas" in the Mexican countryside. He is brave and forward on the trail. Otomi is very trainable with an excellent temperament. He is ready to do more advanced training in just about any discipline. He is currently under training with a professional dressage trainer who says "Tomi is one of the easiest horses I've worked with." His lateral movements are excellent and he has the talent & temperament to move up the levels easily!  His conformation is correct, with straight, elastic movement and very comfortable gaits. Tomi stands at 15.2+ hands. He is completely sound, has been barefoot his entire life even when ridden over rocky terrain. If you are looking for your future performance gelding, here he is. Tomi is a grandson of the great Turntable on his sire's side and the Lusitano stallion Bailador on his dam's side!

Tomi is now owned by my 18 year old niece who came in fourth in the California Junior Championships last year at first level and is qualified this year for second level at the championships!


$12,500 USD

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    Hilaria 2.5 years old.

   Hilaria 2 years old.


 Hilaria is a 3 year old Lusitano mare out of my mare Tesora and by  Imperador . She is a great combo of her dam and sire. Very elegant and correct. Solid bay with no white. Good conformation, straight movement and a very trainable temperament like both of her parents. Super friendly and docile. We will be starting her under saddle this fall after she turns 3. Hope she takes after her half brother, Otomi, above!


 $9,500 USD

 $12,000 under saddle




NSC #88733                                                DOB 03/14/2000

Trufa is a 15 year old 16 hand bay Lusitano mare who was three times Reserve Champion Lusitano mare in Mexico. Her sire Zico was the Gold Medal Senior Stallion in Portugal in 1989 and Gold Medal in Functionality in 1990. He was exported to Mexico in 1993 and was champion Lusitano in Mexico in 1996. Zico's daughters are are rarely offered for sale. Trufa's dam is Ousadia Do Top, a buckskin mare by Afiancado Flandes. Trufa has had three foals for me - a buckskin colt by Tablado from Las Moralejas, a beautiful silver buckskin filly, Girasol, by my stallion, Imperador. and a bay filly, Leia, by Delincuente, a Portugal son bred by Haras Azul in Columbia. When Trufa is not being a mother she takes my clients for trail rides or I use her as a lesson horse.She is a very calm, sensible mare with good dressage movements and is a very comfortable riding horse. She went to her first dressage show in 2014 and received a 70% at training level. She is schooling all first level and some second level movements. She came in 3rd in the Mexican Lusitano Championships in 2014 under Mares under Saddle.
Trufa would be an excellent foundation mare to start your Lusitano breeding program with the added bonus of being a good riding horse. She has both Mexican and Portuguese papers and has been revised with a score of 72%.
She is a good mother and has thrown lots of color!
We can breed her back to Imperador for a 2016 foal.
$9,500 USD
$16,000 w/ Leia



  Leia 1 week old.


 Leia is a gorgeous 2015 Lusitano filly out of Trufa and by Delincuente, a revised stallion from Haras Azul in Colombia. He is by the Columbian Pan Am dressage champion, Portugal. She is marked exactly like her mother!  Both parents are revised so she is eligible for Portuguese revision also. A very flashy correct filly.  

For sale when weaned for $8,000 USD


  Diva 2 years old.

   Diva 2 years old.

   Diva 6 years old. First dressage show, 2nd place training level. 






NSC #228857                                              DOB 01/01/2008

Diva is a 7 year old purebred Lusitano mare who I bought in 2010 to join my brood mare herd. However, she has turned out to be such a talented riding horse that we have only bred her once. Her 2014 filly, Julieta, is by Imperador and combines the best of both dam and sire. Diva is a beautiful 15.2 hand sooty buckskin mare with great dressage movements and is a very brave and safe trail horse. I believe she would also make an incredible working equitation horse.   She has excellent bloodlines for breeding. Her dam, Trufa, is my three time reserve champion Lusitano mare here in Mexico, by Zico, Portuguese supreme champion stallion and later Mexican champion stallion. Diva's sire is Umbral Retiro, a tall black stallion with beautiful dressage movements from Eduardo Fischer's stud farm in Brazil. Umbral is by the famous Othelo Retiro out of one of his best broodmares, Hortela.
 Diva entered her first dressage show in 2015 and came in second with a combined score of 68.5% in  a large class at training level. Video above.
Diva has both Mexican and Portuguese papers and has been revised for breeding.
$16,000 USD
$17,000 in foal to Imperador
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   Girasol under saddle 4 years old.

  Girasol on the trail.


DOB 6/13/2011

Girasol is Trufa's first foal by Imperador.  What a gorgeous filly! She is a golden dappled buckskin with three white socks and a perfect blaze. Girasol has classic Lusitano type, good movement, nice straight legs and a stout body.  She also loves to be around people and is one of the barn favorites.

She was started under saddle in January of 2015. She is very good on the trail and has all of her basics in the arena, walk, trot and canter.

Her bloodlines are impeccable and she will also be a good all around riding horse. She is currently 15.1 hands and still growing. She has a very round, baroque type conformation.


Both of Girasol´s parents have beed revised with scores of 72 each. She is eligible for Portuguese revison also.


$11,000 USD


   Misty And Ilusion.


   Ilusion 2 years old.

  Ilusion is  a 2.5 year old grey Lusitano gelding.  His dam, Optimista, is a direct daughter of Opus and his sire, Tizne, is a gorgeous Barata Freixo stallion owned by Pablo Hermoso. Ilusion is very elegant, with very good movements for dressage and a very good temperament. He has a wonderful Lusitano head, long elegant neck and a sweet personality.


Will probably reach 15.3 - 16 hands.


$9,000 USD now

$12,000 with three months under saddle. He turns 3 in January of 2,016  and we will start him between 3 and 3.5.


$12,000 with three months under saddle.

Optimista  SOLD

  Misty at liberty.
  Misty with her 2013 colt Ilusion at 2 days old.
DOB 4/18/95 
Misty is an 18 year old Lusitano mare by the most famous bull fighting stallion of all time - Opus. She was exported from Portugal to join Pablo Hermoso's broodmare herd in Mexico. I bought her last year to join my broodmare herd because of her rare antique bloodlines. She had a large grey colt in January by the Lusitano stallion Tizne. She will be bred to my stallion, Imperador this spring.
Misty is in excellent health, easy to breed, and a great mother. She is ready to have several more Lusitano foals for you. Offered for sale to serious Lusitano breeders. 
$6,500 USD



Capricho is a coming 3 year old Lusitano cross gelding by Imperador out of a TB/Qtr. horse mare. He is a big boned, beautiful colt who looks very Lusitano. He has an excellent, laid back temperament and will be a good all around saddle horse who can go in just about any direction. I like this cross a lot (Otomi was our first Luso cross with TB).

We will start Capricho this Fall.


$5,000 USD

$6,500 w/ 3 months under saddle.


  Doña as a 2 year old.


  Ana and Doña 6 years old.


DoñaZebada's 2008 filly by Magistral is a stunning, 16.1 hand dark gray mare w/3 years under saddle. Although Doña is almost pure Lusitano, she is inscribed in the Mexican Stud Book as cruzada, 3/4 Lusitano and 1/4 Andalusian. With correct conformation and classic Lusitano type, she is suitable for any discipline. Doña demonstrates big movements for dressage and a steady, quiet temperament. She is very good on the trails with excellent feet. We leave her unshod.

  • Sired by Magistral, a 17 hand black bull fighting stallion standing in San Luis Potosi and San Miguel de Allende Mexico.
  • Out of Zebada, my lovely PSL mare by Poderoso de Retiro out of Nevada de Retiro by Dardo II out of a Yacht mare, a classic Veiga/Andrade Cross.

$12,500 USD

  Pictured: Magistral sire of Doñ
a .

Bohemia  SOLD


  Bohemia as a 4 year old.  Bohemia as a 6 year old.

  Bohemia with her filly Habanera.

 $10,000 USD with filly by Imperador

$8,500 USD without filly

DOB 5/05/2006

Bohemia is a seven year old Lusitano/Andalusian cross mare. She is a stout correct mare with nice dressage movements and a kind temperament. She was started as a three year old and then had two years off when we bred her. She is back in training and progressing nicely.

Her sire was 17 hand black bullfighting stallion of Ortigao Costa bloodlines and her dam is a bay Luso/Spanish cross. She is registered in the Mexican Lusitano Association as a "cruzado."

She is very healthy, and has straight movement. She conceived first breeding and was a great mother. Bohemia stands at 15.3+ hands and is stout enough to carry a bigger rider. She is currently under training with a professional dressage trainer and is progressing quickly.  


  Jesusa 1 year old.


Jesusa is a yearling buckskin filly with a perfect white shield on her forehead!  She is by my stallion, Imperador and out of Doña. This is a big boned stout filly who will be tall. She has a classic Lusitano profile and lots of breed type. She is eliglble for Mexican and ALHA papers but not Portuguese as her dam is 1/8 Andalusian.  A beautiful filly for a very reasonable price .


$5,000 USD as a yearling.

Caspar  SOLD


     One month under saddle.    One month under saddle.

   Caspar at liberty.

 $3000 USD His price will go up with further training.

DOB 8/28/10

 Caspar is a 3 year old Lusitano/Qtr. horse pony cross gelding who stands at 14 hands. He is a striking perlino with blue eyes, by my stallion Imperador and out of a pony Qtr. mare. He has taken on the dam's size and will make a very fancy child's pony. He has just been lightly started under saddle and been super easy. He has a very charming and friendly temperament. Caspar looks more like a small horse than a pony. He is very well balanced with nice movements and an extremely trainable personality.  

Frida SOLD

  Frida as a yearling        

DOB 8/30/2010

Frida is a 5 year old purebred Lusitano filly by my stallion Imperador. She is a buckskin going grey with very correct conformation, good bone and a typey Lusitano head. She is very athletic and will be suitable for a variety of disciplines.

  • Sired by Imperador who needs no introduction; he comes from classic old Veiga lines from Portugal. Imperador passes on his wonderful temperament
  • Out of Zebada who has incredible breeding from the Do Retiro stud farm in Brazil. Zebada's sire is the famous dressage champion, Poderoso Do Retiro

 Frida just foaled a gorgeous buckskin colt, Lazaro, by Deliuncuente. Her current owner will be keeping the colt and selling Frida.  She is now under saddle with all of the basics.

$11,500 USD


    Zebada with her foal Doña

 $13,000 USD 

AMCCL #001668                                          DOB 9/17/04

Eight year old grey mare from the best Lusitano bloodlines in Brazil and Portugal. Champion dressage horses on both sides. Carries the Haras dos Cavaleiros brand. Calm trainable temperament. Very versatile mare with good movements for dressage and for working equitation.


  • Sired by Poderoso do Retiro, the 2004 Brazilian national champion and went on to be a European dressage champion.
  • Out of Nevada do Retiro, by the Brazilan champion Dardo II.

$13,000 USD

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Julieta is a yearllng sooty buckskin filly by Imperador out of Diva. She is a refined , elegant filly with correct conformation and very good, straight movement. Both parents have been revised by the APSL so she is eligible for revision once she matures. She has lots of Lusitano type and would be a great addition to your broodmare herd or will make a wonderful sporthorse.


$9,000 USD